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The right structure. The right way.

At Limestone Trail, our attractive and carefully constructed garden structures provide the extra space, storage or work area you’ve been dreaming about. From Downtown Knoxville homeowners looking for an attractive shed to store their sports equipment to Sequoyah and Rocky Hill residents who want a lovely place to house their gardening tools — we’ve got you covered.

If you’re thinking of building a special place in your backyard or at the cottage, you’ve got a few choices. On the one hand, if you’re pretty handy, have the time, and aren’t too particular, you can get a kit from a big box retailer. The selection is limited and the quality is debatable, but the price is attractive. On the other hand, you can get exactly what you want with custom construction. This means finding a contractor you trust and working with them on a design. Construction can take several days to weeks to complete, is messy and can be quite disruptive. The end result is usually great but it still requires time — and can be very costly.

As viable as both options may be, there’s a third way that takes the best of both and leaves the downsides behind. You might call it a hybrid of DIY and custom construction. We call it Limestone Trail.