A process perfected

For over 25 years, Limestone Trail has been building residential and commercial structures, always engineering and building our products for lasting quality.

Our process in bringing our structure to you is what makes us exceptionally valuable. We’ve developed an innovative build-installation method that ensures consistent quality and excellent efficiency. With your custom design choices and our quick and tidy installations, you'll be enjoying your new outdoor structure in no time!

Garden Structure

Step One: Choose what’s right for you.

Just select your structure type and customizing options from the many possiblities to create a building that is truly exceptional. Being able to design a structure that is tailored perfectly to your site is one of the things that makes Limestone such a great choice!

Need a little help on design decisions? We're happy to consult or come and visit your site, free of charge, to make sure you're getting a structure that will delight in every way. Just give us a call, or request a call back with our contact form below.


Step Two: We build to order.

We'll build to your order at our facility, manufacturing the components in large, but transportable modules. This is ideal for a fast installation on your property. The build is a relatively quick step and, depending on the size and materials of the structure, is usually complete in 2-3 weeks.

To get the site ready where for your structure, you may want a structural floor or concrete pad laid (for structures greater than 100 sq. ft., for example). You’ll need to make arrangements for this work to be completed prior to our installation, as well as any permit application necessary. We can provide the engineer-approved drawings and Schedule 1 required for these.

Step Three: We install to WOW!

We'll schedule an installation date that suits you as soon as your structure is ready. Because the components are built just before delivery, they arrive in pristine condition and we usually have the structure installed and completed within the same day.

Our process is designed to make the experience of getting a Limestone Trail structure a great one. We work professionally and respectfully around your home, always keeping mess, noise and disruption to a minimum. Your satisfaction is assured by our quality control every step of the way and our commitment to customer service excellence.

The complete DIY option

If you're interested in installing your structure on your own, we offer a Structure Installation Guide. Just give us a call and we'll see that it's delivered with your structure.