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The right structure. The right way.

At Limestone Trail, our beautifully designed garden structures provide the added space, storage, or workspace that you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re a resident of Buford or Jonesboro in search of a charming home for your gardening equipment or a homeowner in Downtown Atlanta looking for an appealing shed to accommodate your sporting goods, we are here to assist you.

If you’re considering creating a unique space in your backyard or lakeside property, you’ve got a couple of options. For those who are handy, have some spare time, and aren’t too particular, consider purchasing a kit from a big box retailer. Although the variety is rather limited and the quality could be better, it does offer an attractive price point.

Alternatively, you could opt for custom construction, tailoring it exactly to your preferences. This involves finding a reliable contractor and collaborating on a design. The construction process can be time-consuming, spanning from a few days to weeks, and can be somewhat disruptive and messy. The final product is typically excellent, but it still demands time — and can be quite expensive.

While both of these options may be feasible, there’s a third alternative that combines the best aspects of both, leaving the drawbacks behind. Some might describe it as a blend of do-it-yourself and custom construction. We refer to it as Limestone Trail.