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Specifications in this example

Product Line: Parkland

Model: GZ-17

Size: POA

Included Options:

  • POA

Parkland Style:

The Parkland is milled to a furniture finish from Western Red Cedar. It is topped with a Tier roof and cupola, which can be optionally finished in copper roofing. Western Red perfection shingles complement the gently curved roof. Parkland can come with or without Balustrades, or delete one rail for a walk through. Prices include clear Western Red Cedar, transoms, and solid posts fastened with brass fasteners. Provisions for concealed electrical wiring are available. Other Options are priced per request.

Parkland Pricing

ModelSizePre-Assembled KitInstalledIllustration
17-PGZ218 sq. ft. - POA$$
20-PGZ314 sq. ft. - POA$$
24-PGZ452 sq. ft. - POA$$
28-PGZ615 sq. ft. - POA$$
32-PGZ803 sq. ft. - POA$$
36-PGZ1,017 sq. ft. - POA$$
Options for Any ModelOption PricePhoto
Interior Tongue and Groove Clear Cedar - POA$
Lower Railings - POA$
Benches - POA$
Stain/Paint - POA$
Assembly on Prepared Site - POA$
Optional Cedar Floor (all wood only) - POA$
Engineer Approved Drawings (Schedule 1) - POA$
Footing Design - POA$
Final Inspection and Review - POA$

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