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Model Fogo


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Specifications in this example

Product Line: Coach House

Model: Fogo

Size: 404 square feet

Included Options:

About the Coach House product Line

The Coach House line is comprised of a main body with an additional wing. Three size options are available: Cape Cod (310 sq ft), Fogo (404 sq ft) and Dover (532 sq ft). It includes a single 8' x 7' insulated garage door, single side door and double French doors on the wing side. The roof incorporates 2" x 6" truss system finished in OSB board suitable for customer supplied shingles. All wall framing is 2" x 4" kiln dried spruce including a pressure treated floor collar that is suitable for attachment to a concrete pad or foundation. All siding is rough-sawn fir. Door and window placements can be configured to suit your size and space. Thermal door and window upgrades are available. Shingles and flooring are not included in the kit.

Coach House Pricing

ModelSizePre-Assembled KitInstalledIllustration
Cape Cod310 square feet$21,495$27,817
Fogo404 square feet$28,914$36,429
Dover532 square feet$38,076$46,772
Options for Any ModelOption PricePhoto
Delete 10' x 7' Wing (Cape Cod)$4,170
Delete 10' x 7' Wing (Fogo)$5,484
Delete 10' x 7' Wing (Dover)$7,032
Cupola - 25" Window with Copper Roof$1,188
Exterior Stain & Trim Colours (Cape Cod)$1,665
Exterior Stain & Trim Colours (Fogo)$1,903
Exterior Stain & Trim Colours (Dover)$2,142
Dentil Moulding (per linear foot)$13
2'0" Shade Overhang with 6" x 6" Cedar Pillars or Braces (Cape Cod)$1,063
2'0" Shade Overhang with 6" x 6" Cedar Pillars or Braces (Fogo)$1,182
2'0" Shade Overhang with 6" x 6" Cedar Pillars or Braces (Dover)$1,301
Faux Small Round Gable Window (each)$216
Large Round Gable Window (each)$335
French Window in Door Upgrade (each)$204
Large Cedar Sliding Screen Window with Mullions (each)$806
Double Door Upgrade (48" Opening)$335
Additional Double Door (48" Opening)$979
Additional Double Door (60" Opening)$1,099
Barn Door (72')$3,216
Barn Door (84")$3,454
Transom Windows in Barn Door (one piece per door)$592
Upgrade Barn Door from 72" to 84"$2,142
Thermal Door Upgrade -POA$
Thermal Window Upgrade (small) POA$
Thermal Window Upgrade (medium) POA$
Thermal Window Upgrade (large) POA$
Thermal Window Upgrade (extra large) POA$
Cedar Shingle Roof (supply only) (Cape Cod)$3,556
Cedar Shingle Roof (supply only) (Fogo)$4,635
Cedar Shingle Roof (supply only) (Dover)$6,102
Metal Roof (Cape Cod)$2,327
Metal Roof (Fogo)$3,037
Metal Roof (Dover)$3,997
Metal Roof Colour Upgrade$365
Larger Building (additional square footage) - POA$0
Door operator - "J" Shaft Mount POA$
Insulated Garage Door POA$
Gable Access Door - POA$0
Engineer Approved Drawings (Schedule 1)$1,653
Compass Window (each)$460

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