Specifications in this example

Product line: Tamarack

Model: PER 12'

Size: 12' x 12' (144 square feet)

Included options:

  • Installation
  • Decorative Support Braces (x8)
  • Rafters (each, per linear foot) (x140)
  • Purlins (each, per linear foot) (x140)
  • Stain/Paint

About the Tamarack product Line

From simply natural to substantially luxurious, your Tamarack pergola can be designed to fit a wide range of styles. The standard version is square in layout, free-standing and made of western red cedar. The Tamarack is supported by four 6" x 6" posts with hardware suitable for mounting to a concrete pad or deck. Each square can be modified to join with additional modules or adjusted in size to fit your existing space requirements. Optional privacy walls can lend a “luxury resort” feel to your space. Prices include site installation on level ground (where applicable).



Tamarack Pricing

Model Size Pre-assembled Kit Installed Illustration
PER 8' 8' x 8' (64 square feet) $2,495.00 CAD $1,497.00 USD $3,490.00 CAD $2,094.00 USD Tamarack PER 8'
PER 10' 10' x 10' (100 square feet) $3,180.00 CAD $1,908.00 USD $4,275.00 CAD $2,565.00 USD Tamarack PER 10'
PER 12' 12' x 12' (144 square feet) $3,625.00 CAD $2,175.00 USD $4,920.00 CAD $2,952.00 USD Tamarack PER 12'
PER 14' 14' x 14' (196 square feet) $5,195.00 CAD $3,117.00 USD $6,590.00 CAD $3,954.00 USD Tamarack PER 14'
Options for any model Option Price Photo
Dentil Transom Trim (per linear foot) $10.00 CAD $6.00 USD
Decorative Support Braces $58.00 CAD $34.80 USD
Rafters (each, per linear foot) $10.00 CAD $6.00 USD
Purlins (each, per linear foot) $5.00 CAD $3.00 USD
Stain/Paint $885.00 CAD $531.00 USD
Privacy Wall Tongue and Groove Cedar (per 4' section) $510.00 CAD $306.00 USD
Additional 6" x 6" Cedar Columns (each) $220.00 CAD $132.00 USD
Footprint Extension (per linear foot) $285.00 CAD $171.00 USD

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