Product line: Tamarack

Model: PER 8'

Size: 8' x 8' (64 square feet)

Included options:
Dentil Transom Trim (per linear foot) (x48)
Footprint Extension (per linear foot) (x8)
Wood Post Anchors (each) (x2)

About the Tamarack product Line

From simply natural to substantially luxurious, your Tamarack pergola can be designed to fit a wide range of styles. The standard version is square in layout, free-standing and made of western red cedar. The upper horizontal transoms are supported by four 6" x 6" posts with hardware suitable for mounting to a concrete pad or deck. Each square can be modified to join with additional modules or adjusted in size to fit your existing space requirements. Optional privacy walls can lend a "luxury resort" feel to your space. Prices include site installation on level ground (where applicable).



Tamarack Pricing

Model Size Pre-assembled Kit Installed Photo
PER 8' 8' x 8' (64 square feet) $2,420.00 CAD $1,452.00 USD $3,195.00 CAD $1,917.00 USD
PER 10' 10' x 10' (100 square feet) $3,085.00 CAD $1,851.00 USD $4,185.00 CAD $2,511.00 USD
PER 12' 12' x 12' (144 square feet) $3,520.00 CAD $2,112.00 USD $4,405.00 CAD $2,643.00 USD
PER 14' 14' x 14' (196 square feet) $4,405.00 CAD $2,643.00 USD $6,060.00 CAD $3,636.00 USD
Options for any model Option Price Photo
Decorative Support Braces $58.00 CAD $34.80 USD
Stain/Paint $860.00 CAD $516.00 USD
Rafters (each, per linear foot) $7.70 CAD $4.62 USD
Purlins (each, per linear foot) $4.45 CAD $2.67 USD
Privacy Wall Tongue and Groove Cedar (per 4' section) $49.50 CAD $29.70 USD
Dentil Transom Trim (per linear foot) $8.85 CAD $5.31 USD
Additional 6" x 6" Cedar Columns (each) $215.00 CAD $129.00 USD
Tear Drop Oval Window $365.00 CAD $219.00 USD
Decorative Upper Rail Header (per linear foot) $31.80 CAD $19.08 USD
Footprint Extension (per linear foot) $275.00 CAD $165.00 USD
Wood Post Anchors (each) $50.00 CAD $30.00 USD

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