Specifications in this example

Product line: Liberty

Model: GZ-10

Size: 10 feet (79 square feet)

Included options:

  • Installation
  • Copper Roof on Cupola
  • Stain/Paint

About the Liberty product Line

The Liberty is milled to a furniture finish from western red cedar. It is topped with a cupola, which can be optionally finished in copper roofing, as well as a weathervane of your choosing. Western red perfection shingles complement the gently curved roof. Prices include clear western red cedar balustrades, octagonal cedar floor sections, transoms and solid posts fastened with brass fasteners. Provisions for concealed electrical wiring are available. Screened enclosure kits and a fixed door are optional. Prices include site installation on level ground (where applicable).



Liberty Pricing

Model Size Pre-assembled Kit Installed Illustration
GZ-9 9 feet (64 square feet) $6,810.00 CAD $4,086.00 USD $8,855.00 CAD $5,313.00 USD Liberty GZ-9
GZ-10 10 feet (79 square feet) $8,515.00 CAD $5,109.00 USD $10,785.00 CAD $6,471.00 USD Liberty GZ-10
GZ-12 12 feet (108 square feet) $10,210.00 CAD $6,126.00 USD $13,050.00 CAD $7,830.00 USD Liberty GZ-12
GZ-15 15 feet (177 square feet) $15,895.00 CAD $9,537.00 USD $19,165.00 CAD $11,499.00 USD Liberty GZ-15
Options for any model Option Price Photo
Zippered Screen Enclosure
Fixed Screen Door (with Zippered Screen Enclosure) $440.00 CAD $264.00 USD
Copper Roof on Cupola $385.00 CAD $231.00 USD
Cedar Octagonal Floor Sections (remove)
Additional Tier Roof $1,020.00 CAD $612.00 USD
Stretch Option (per 4'0" section)
Parkland / French Provincial Balustrade Upgrade $560.00 CAD $336.00 USD
Stain/Paint $1,025.00 CAD $615.00 USD
6" x 6" Post Upgrade with Post Anchor Brackets $825.00 CAD $495.00 USD
Credit Railing per Section
Engineer Approved Drawings (Schedule 1) $1,385.00 CAD $831.00 USD

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