Product line: Soho

Model: SO-10

Size: 10' x 10' (100 square feet)

Included options:
Large Cupola - 60" Upgrade with Ventilation
Copper Roof on Large 60" Cupola Upgrade
Stain Semi Transparent
Double Door Upgrade (Manhattan version)

About the Soho product Line

The Soho can have the feel of a Craftsman cottage in the forest or a zen retreat. Finished in solid tongue and groove cedar siding...and a large windowed cupola with a metal or copper roof. The Soho comes with a large double French door and two large French sliding windows that can be configured to suit your needs. Additional windows are available as an option. An exquisite structure, and sure to be a truly special place. All buildings are finished in solid tongue and groove cedar siding. Prices include 44" window cupola with galvanized metal roof, cedar shingle roof, dentil moulding, one solid wall and two walls with large french sliding windows with mullions and french doors with locking hardware. A pressure treated collar is supplied to fix the walls to a concrete pad or wood deck.



Soho Pricing

Model Size Pre-assembled Kit Installed Photo
SO-8 8' x 8' (64 square feet) $9,535.00 CAD $5,721.00 USD $11,655.00 CAD $6,993.00 USD
SO-10 10' x 10' (100 square feet) $12,715.00 CAD $7,629.00 USD $14,835.00 CAD $8,901.00 USD Soho SO-10
SO-12 12' x 12' (144 square feet) $18,015.00 CAD $10,809.00 USD $21,195.00 CAD $12,717.00 USD
SO-14 14' x 14' (196 square feet) $24,375.00 CAD $14,625.00 USD $27,555.00 CAD $16,533.00 USD Soho SO-14
SO-15 15' x 15' (225 sq ft) $31,495.00 CAD $18,897.00 USD $31,495.00 CAD $18,897.00 USD
Options for any model Option Price Photo
Floor Option: Pressure Treated Frame with Cedar Decking
Interior Roof Tongue and Groove Clear Cedar $950.00 CAD $570.00 USD
Copper Roof Upgrade on Cupola (Standard) $410.00 CAD $246.00 USD
Large Cupola - 60" Upgrade with Ventilation $1,055.00 CAD $633.00 USD
Copper Roof on Large 60" Cupola Upgrade $620.00 CAD $372.00 USD
Stain Semi Transparent $930.00 CAD $558.00 USD
Double Door Upgrade (Manhattan version) $260.00 CAD $156.00 USD
Large Cedar Sliding Screen Window with Mullions (each) $630.00 CAD $378.00 USD
Entertainment Window (Split Hinge Out) with Bar Counter $995.00 CAD $597.00 USD
Engineer Approved Drawings (Schedule 1) $1,295.00 CAD $777.00 USD

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